PSDN Video Series on OpenEdge BPM

PSDN Video Series on OpenEdge BPM

Posted on July 25, 2011 0 Comments
Please Note: OpenEdge Business Process Management (BPM) has been retired. For information on OpenEdge, visit our Progress OpenEdge Application Development page.

A new series of informative and instructional videos and accompanying white papers is now available on the PSDN community of, on the top-level OpenEdge product page, entitled Building Business Process Applications Using OpenEdge BPM (Business Process Management). This video series introduces the Progress Savvion product to an OpenEdge audience, and provides examples and instruction on how to build business processes and connect them to an OpenEdge application written in ABL, using the new AutoEdge | The Factory sample application as a source of examples. Initial topics include The Value of Business Process Management, Building and Running Your First ProcessUsing the Savvion Form Builder, and Using Application Data in Forms. The initial series is based on OpenEdge release 10.2B and Savvion release 7.6.1. Additional videos and papers on other topics will be forthcoming, including topics on features new to OpenEdge release 11 and further releases of Savvion.

These videos complement other series already available at the same location, on Getting Started with and Using OpenEdge Architect, Using Visual Designer and GUI for .NET, Introduction to ABL Classes, Foundations of Rich Internet Applications (RIA), and Using Silverlight with RIA Services.

You can find the OEBPM videos at this URL: Links to all the video series can be found on the top-level OpenEdge product page here:

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