Progress Sonic Extends Lead in Distributed SOA

Progress Sonic Extends Lead in Distributed SOA

October 16, 2007 0 Comments

Today, Progress Software announced the release of Progress® Sonic™ Deployment Manager (SDM). The Sonic Deployment Manager is an installation and configuration tool that helps project teams streamline incremental development and rollout of large-scale Sonic product deployments. By automating the installation of Sonic products (including Sonic ESB and SonicMQ) and tailoring the configuration to suit each host, Sonic Deployment Manager reduces the time and cost of project development, delivery and maintenance.

Two of the key use cases for the Sonic Deployment Manager product are lifecycle management and large scale deployments. In both of these use cases SDM delivers on the critical need to have consistent, repeatable deployments both between lifecycle stages and also across a widely distributed environment. Unique to SDM is its ability to create a completely reproducible package of all components and configurations of a given deployment instance. This capability allows precise rollback and re-creation of any given environment, enabling configuration management, auditing and regulatory compliance.

Learn more about the SDM > Read the Press Release > See What's New in Sonic ESB 7.5 >



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