Progress Delivers Proven Performance

Progress Delivers Proven Performance

Posted on July 01, 2015 0 Comments

Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis, Director of Software Engineering, Progress DataDirect

Jesse Davis explains how Progress DataDirect delivers the best in data connectivity and integration.

Synchronize your watches people—the entire world is accelerating. Everything in life now requires us to be more efficient, more nimble, and faster. Both our personal and professional lives are caught in this acceleration loop. Time is a commodity, so we do everything we can to save every second.

Data is of utmost importance, at the core of everything we do. The applications you build on this data are critical to your success. You no longer have the luxury to wait for our analytics reports to be available “this afternoon” or for your mobile dashboards to lag by a day. You need answers yesterday, so you must choose architectural pieces that are as time-neutral as possible. Time-negative may be preferred, but we haven’t perfected our time machine—yet.

Needless to say, choosing the wrong pieces anywhere in your architecture can be a major problem. Poor performance means unresponsive UIs and frustrated customers. You won’t get your reports in time for a critical meeting or review—but your competition will. Meanwhile, you are wasting precious time and money. With so much on the line, you need to make sure your data is dependable, so your data connectivity must be rock solid.

Proven Progress Technology Underlies Almost Every Business

For more than 25 years, Progress has been pioneering application development and deployment. By the numbers, Progress has:

  • 140,000+ enterprises in 175+ countries invested in Progress technology
  • 2,000+ partners in the Progress Partner network
  • 5,000+ applications built on Progress technology
  • 4 million+ people using applications built on Progress technology
  • 200+ partners building hundreds of Progress applications in the cloud servicing 100,000+ end users.

Within our data integration and connectivity unit, Progress® DataDirect®, we have a team that wakes up every day to work relentlessly connecting the world’s most critical applications to its data. And we’re the best at what we do. We were there developing the original ODBC spec, the ANSI SQL standard, the JDBC specification and even the new OData specification for standards-based data access over the web. We have consistently stayed on the cutting edge of data connectivity technology and are confident that we can deliver the best performance on the market.

Data is universal. We use it for everything: predicting weather, tracking our health, making business decisions, choosing songs or movies we may like and even algorithmically trading stock. DataDirect enables companies that enable those applications to be the best at what they do. We have a huge product portfolio used by a global network of customers spanning every vertical. We want to learn everything we can about a customer’s data needs so we can better help them deliver an awesome experience for their users.

Upgrade Your Data Performance

Now it is time to take your place among the thousands who already take advantage of the blazing performance of DataDirect every day. Getting started is easy, with free 30-day trials available on our website. And if you want to learn more about how DataDirect drivers improve data connectivity performance, check out the replay of my recent webinar, “Industry Insight: Optimizing Your Data for Better Performance.” Also, keep your eyes peeled for more posts about optimizing your data for the best performance possible.

Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis

As Senior Director of Research & Development, Jesse is responsible for the daily operations, product development initiatives and forward looking research for Progress DataDirect. Jesse has spent nearly 20 years creating enterprise data products and has served as an expert on several industry standards including JDBC, J2EE, DRDA and OData. Jesse holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State university.


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