Progress DataDirect Brings its Successful Data Connectivity Workshops to New International Cities this Month: Antwerp, Dubai, Moscow, Munich and Helsinki!

Progress DataDirect Brings its Successful Data Connectivity Workshops to New International Cities this Month: Antwerp, Dubai, Moscow, Munich and Helsinki!

October 02, 2009 0 Comments

Progress DataDirect recently hosted successful workshops in South and North India and has decided to extend the well-received workshop agenda to new cities this October. The Data Connectivity Workshops covered various aspects of DataDirect’s well-established data access middleware that offers seamless connectivity between heterogeneous clients and heterogeneous data sources. These products ultimately decrease development and operation costs, while allowing for greater interoperability.

Many aspects of ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET technologies were discussed including rarely explored topics of scalability, CPU efficiency and memory footprint of database drivers and data providers. The sessions also covered various built-in functionality found in the DataDirect Connect family of products such as application failover and enterprise security features, such as Kerberos, SSL encryption, and unique secure architecture embedded in both drivers and providers. Bulk load functionality now available in DataDirect Connect is supported directly by the various APIs, allowing bulk load operations to be managed by an application and not be handled by external processed will be discussed and demonstrated.

Progress DataDirect products exponentially increase the availability, capabilities and security of distributed applications for both corporate customers who can standardise on a single provider of database connectivity components and software development companies that can embed DataDirect components within their applications reducing the footprint of their overall application and ensuring that database access is provided to their application providing full coverage of all currently available popular database systems.

At the September workshops in India organisations and software companies learned about the benefits from the high-performing and flexibility of DataDirect products. During the workshops there were engaging discussions between attendees and company thought-leaders about how the various technologies had been used successfully by existing companies and software houses. Also a number of questions were raised about other possible uses for the technologies. Attendees shared they gained valuable knowledge regardless of their starting point at the beginning of the workshops.

The next Data Connectivity workshops will be held a various locations in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East in October 2009. We hope to see you there!

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