Progress DataDirect Brings its Data Integration Workshops to International Hot Spots this October

Progress DataDirect Brings its Data Integration Workshops to International Hot Spots this October

Posted on October 02, 2009 0 Comments

Based on the success of its Data Integration Workshops this September in India, Progress DataDirect will offer software developers in Antwerp, Dubai, Moscow, Munich and Helsinki the same knowledgeable, how-to agenda covering data integration using XML as a common data format.

The Data Integration Workshops address a wide variety of data manipulation techniques and processes – discussing how XML can be used to move data from one system to another using well accepted standards and methodologies.

Mission-critical systems and end-users rely on scalable, easy access to enterprise data. However, as business grows, connecting systems and users to a variety of disparate data sources is typically a labor-intensive, costly endeavor that consumes precious IT resources.

The Data Integration Workshops introduce the DataDirect Data Integration Suite as the answer to these challenges, providing a robust product architecture which includes an easy-to-use graphical integrated development environment, as well as a highly-scalable, production-ready integration processing engine that effectively queries the full spectrum of enterprise data sources using standards-based technologies and interfaces.

New implementations of the XQuery, the XML query language and the XQJ interface for Java applications are introduced and scenarios of how various data sources such as XML, relational data and Web services can be both source and target of integration projects is explored in-depth. DataDirect’s XML Converters, being a key component of the Data Integration Suite is also discussed, with a demonstration of how non-XML data such as EDI can be easily converted to XML and then further processed in a Java environment with XQuery, or with Microsoft’s Visual Studio using the .NET versions of the XML Converters.

The Data Integration Workshops in India brought a diverse cross-section of attendees, some keen to learn about XQuery and the potential of the new technologies, others already experienced with XQuery but wanting to understand more of how to integrate XML and XQuery with relational databases, Web services and how to convert EDI to XML. The sessions also discussed the scalability aspects of XQuery and how developed XQuery queries can be deployed in a production environment that can easily scale to as many as 100,000s of processes per day.

Attendees walked away with practical, actionable knowledge regardless of their starting point at the beginning of the workshops.

Join us this October! Register today at

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