Predictions for 2008?

Predictions for 2008?

January 29, 2008 0 Comments

Statutory requirements for frequent bloggers clearly spells out that a list of predictions are listed for the upcoming year. The intent obviously is that at least 50% of predictions will turn out to be true this leading to the inevitable close of year postings that allows the blogger to bask in the glory in the accuracy of the earlier predictions.

For this year, dotNetConnections is instead going to first highlight his top 3 favorite predictions from around the web.

1. David Linthicum, Real World SOA: SOA Predictions for 2008 , in particular I like "Resources on the new Web will drive many enterprises towards SOA."

2. Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist: 2008 Predictions, Some insightful thoughts on how people are going to leverage the internet, participation to effect positive change. I admit this is not exclusively a technical prediction, but without technology back these movements, it would be next to impossible to marshal these growing communities

3. Redmond Developer News, peddler of .NET news: Peering into the Future. Highlights include, Multi-Core Revolution, Parallel Programming Gets a Rough Start, and Virtual Machines everywhere.

As for dotNETConnections predictions, they shake out as follows:

1. Data Services changes becomes universal programming model.

2. IBM files and draws together a set of established JDBC experts to establish LINQ for Java, Java Specification Request (JSR)

3. Dynamic LINQ bridges gap between compile-time type checking available in more static LINQ constructs.

4. LINQ to SQL will be forced to open up their lighter weight model to third-party provider-writers.

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