Podcast: Have You Met? QBITS

Podcast: Have You Met? QBITS

Posted on July 18, 2019 0 Comments

In this Have You Met? podcast, we sat down with Daniel Hotz of QBITS, a Progress partner based in Switzerland, to see how they are implementing MOVEit managed file transfer in the various regions they serve clients.

QBITS has been in business for more than 18 years and has been helping IT teams with implementing managed file transfer and middleware integrations. They serve clients in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Specifically, when it comes to managed file transfer, QBITS has partnered with Progress (formerly Ipswitch) to implement and support MOVEit, a managed file transfer solution, in those regions.

How QBITS approaches new customers in need of a managed file transfer solution is they learn their needs, make a list of requirements the client wants in a consultation role, and then QBITS helps support their clients every step of the way until the client is comfortable with the implementation of MOVEit. This includes setting up single sign-on and user authentication, but there are many options. 

When asked which industries QBITS serves specifically, Daniel was quick to respond that they serve almost every industry. The most prevalent industries MOVEit is sold to is healthcare and finance, but there is a definite need for managed file transfer in all industries. Daniel has had first-hand experience serving clients in the airline industry, retail, and even manufacturing, just to name a few. 

Swissport Uses MOVEit to Meet Data Transfer SLAs

In the first use case that Daniel spoke to, Swissport needed to deliver data securely but also very quickly. Swissport is the largest service provider in the world for the airline industry. Swissport's infrastructure was very complex, but MOVEit was ablea to provide Swissport's IT team the functionality they needed while also meeting their SLAs (service level agreements). You can learn more about the Swissport use case here.

Schindler Uses MOVEit to Replace FTP Scripts and Server Sprawl

The next use case was with Schindler. If you've heard of Schindler, it probably isn't a surprise. Schindler is the world's leading manufacturer of elevators and escalators. That means Schindler needed many controls and reporting in place for compliance reasons, considering that the elevator industry is a very regulated industry. Safety is of the utmost importance but also is data security. Audits are commonplace after all.

The problems Schindler had were that they originally had many scripts to execute their file transfers, which became increasingly difficult to manage. This is why they opted to implement MOVEit Automation. MOVEit allowed Schindler a way to move to one unified platform and made managing data transfer easier and ultimately more secure.

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