Phil Pead Tech-Talks About Pacific and the Recent Explosion of PaaS

Phil Pead Tech-Talks About Pacific and the Recent Explosion of PaaS

Posted on September 06, 2013 0 Comments

Progress, now a player in the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market with new Progress Pacific, has a focus on helping businesses turn ideas into reality through development, deployment and management of business applications on premise, in the cloud and on any device. Recently, our CEO, Phil Pead sat down with Craig Peterson during his popular Tech Talk radio segment to discuss the explosion of PaaS and cloud computing and ways Progress can help companies keep pace with growing the market. Phil noted that the tech market – still with mostly on-premise applications – has a certain level of comfort in dealing with on-premise environments, but is still daunted by the thought of dealing with cloud applications.  He explained the momentum shift toward consuming applications through subscription pricing and how with the explosion of cloud computing, for the first time, business people and developers can consume applications on a “pay as you use” basis. In other words, if you don’t use 100% of the functionality of the application – you just pay for the functionality you do use. Progress has always been an on-premise leader and as momentum has shifted toward the cloud, we have shifted with it. We are moving forward with the PaaS model by grounding ourselves in our new platform, Pacific. Pacific provides a new user experience and a browser development environment for business users and application developers who want to create business apps really quickly – a standout feature of the product. Throughout the radio segment, Phil describes Pacific as a platform that provides “flexibility and freedom.” This is because our platform allows users to connect disparate data sources, manage data integration; business rules logic; work flow and more, and then deploy applications in any environment(s) they choose.  Business users can then decide what market(s) they want to target with their applications, and we make it possible for them. In Phil’s words, “Why commit to one [deployment] environment, when you can use all of our tools and then decide where you want to deploy your application?” To learn more about how Progress Pacific can help you turn your application development ideas into reality, listen to the full Tech Talk recording here!


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