Optimizing the SOA Assembly Line

Optimizing the SOA Assembly Line

Posted on March 25, 2008 0 Comments

We have all been there, performing the same task over and over again - this is no different when implementing a SOA.  There are many patterns, see www.integrationpatterns.com, that can be implemented plus many techniques to develop the particular functionality that is required, and as sure as god made green apples you will have to do it again.

In the latest version of Sonic ESB 7.6 (being formally announced soon) we've incorporated templates that any developer can create by simply copying any assembly/service that has been used before and dragging it into the templates palette.  Now any time that I want to use that pattern, it just needs to be dragged onto the canvas and all the dependent files will be generated, e.g. stylesheets, etc., and you are ready to go on knowing that the pattern is good.  Note you can export from one developer to another to rapidly build up a set of templates in a team very quickly.

The cool thing is that anyone can do this, no knowledge of Eclipse is required, no programming knowledge ,etc.  With features like this we can really start to increase productivity and solve the simple very quickly, the complicated may still take a little longer.

SOA What?  Now is the time that the business is going to start viewing all SOA infrastructure projects with a fine toothcomb, so providing the ability to deliver more functionality can only be good.  Solve once repeat many, is now truly realized by the developer.

David Millman

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