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As I continue to meet more and more of our customers and partners from all around the world (closing in on almost 1000 accounts now), I am amazed at the wide variety of business applications driving our world today. And it doesn’t matter what industry the business is in (e.g. food service, consumer packaged goods, retail, clothing, manufacturing, construction management, financial services, healthcare, non-profit sector, supply chain and logistics, wholesale, distribution, automotive, real estate, and countless more)— mission-critical business applications are at the center of those operations.

There is an alphabet soup of acronyms that describe those applications:

  • POS (point of sale)
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning)
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • EDI (electronic data interchange)
  • SCM (supply chain management)
  • DMS (document management system)
  • CMS (claims management system)
  • and so many more...

To add to this diversity, these applications can be deployed in many ways to meet market needs and demands: SaaS, Cloud, on-premises, and on mobile devices.

I am reminded that so much of what we need to get our jobs done on a daily basis is not always in plain sight, screaming out “hey, I’m working here” – sometimes the application is behind the scenes, quietly making businesses operations appear seamless. So, the next time you…

  • …order a sandwich from a local sub shop
  • …purchase a new household appliance or many other consumer products
  • …drive by a commercial or residential construction jobsite and wonder how all that information is managed
  • …make a charitable donation to your local faith-based organization
  • …rent a car on your next vacation or business trip
  • …buy a new set of tires from a local tire distributor
  • …make a deposit into your investment account
  • …buy most anything that is shipped from overseas
  • …schedule a service call with your condo’s property management company
  • …sign up for a new magazine subscription
  • …visit a local lumber yard to purchase construction supplies
  • …spend some time gambling at a casino
  • …notice someone using a barcode/RFID scanner
  • …buy life insurance through a local agent
  • …buy food and spirits from a local store
  • …review your child’s report cards online
  • …work with your HR department to select your Benefits package
  • …visit your doctor for a check-up and have your medical records updated electronically
  • …wonder who keeps tabs on insurance fraud
  • …have to deal with a collection agency
  • …enjoy a nice bourbon and wonder how they run their business so well
  • …order clothing and apparel online
  • …think about building a new business application for your business

…realize that the OpenEdge application development platform powers much of the world around you!

Thanks and as always, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.


Matt Cicciari

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