OpenAccess 7.2 - Things Just Got Better

OpenAccess 7.2 - Things Just Got Better

October 18, 2013 0 Comments

If you subscribe to the DataDirect blog, you have probably already seen Sumit Sarkar’s blog post about how to use DataDirect OpenAccess SDK to get real-time access for Cognos to custom data. Or maybe you’ve seen Paul Griffin’s blog post on how OpenAccess saves lives. Yes, OpenAccess has been helping users connect to custom data sources for quite some time already, but with the new release things are now better than ever!

Why do companies such as Netsuite, HP, ANZ or UZ Leuven rely on OpenAccess?

With 99% of the code provided, the developer only needs to implement 12 functions, which means the typical implementation lasts under 90 days. OpenAccess is scalable to support big data sets, and it enables security features such as Kerberos, SSL or IP Blocking. You also have the freedom of developing in C/C++, Java or .NET.


What’s New in 7.2?

Everyone is talking about big data. The latest release of OpenAccess supports even larger data sets via bulk load and disk based nester query processing. This speeds things up significantly.

Our developers also focused on precise number crunching, which means supporting DECIMAL data types, 127 digit NUMERIC precision, and Standard Deviation and Variance Functions.

While the main advantage of OpenAccess is easy SQL access to custom data sources, it now also supports:

  • Expressions in INSERT values
  • Table functions in FROM
  • TOP and ORDER BY in Sub Queries
  • CASE expression in GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY

And the best part? OpenAccess can connect you to DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline so you can get access to cloud data sources as well.

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