Now That's What We Mean By Performance!

Now That's What We Mean By Performance!

Posted on June 16, 2009 0 Comments

Was visiting a customer in Switzerland last week and a funny thing happened.

They presented us with where they are in their deployment... they've deployed their first "major" application early last year (Inventory Management), and this year are planning two more applications in the suite to be deployed in 2010 (E-Ticketing & Centralized Checking-in).

They're using a very old version of Actional (v6x), and I was hoping to help them understand why it was important to upgrade to the current release (v8.0). The Inventory Management application contains about 300 applications (including TIBCO BusinessWorks and Oracle/BEA WebLogic Server), and is designed for 400 million messages per month. They're currently doing about half that. (It was really cool to see the Actional console with those sorts of numbers in the dashboards!!!)

Each of the new applications will probably add a similar amount of traffic. 1.2 Billion messages per month. Surely, there's my in.

I started talking about how we've made major improvements to auditing performance, user-interface usability in large scale environments, and CPU and memory utilization, along with general performance improvements you'd expect in two years of development. I was sure this was a certain driver for them to upgrade to a recent version, when the lead architect from Progress leaned over, and whispered in my ear...

The current architecture's not even breathing hard. Even with that traffic growth, we'd probably only be at 30-40% of design capacity.

What can I say? We have a really fantastic engineering team.

And, I'll have to work with the customer on building a business case for upgrading using a different angle.

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