New Functionality Added to DataDirect Connect

New Functionality Added to DataDirect Connect

April 23, 2015 0 Comments

At Progress® DataDirect® we always want to provide the best products possible. In that spirit, we have recently been working closely with a number of our customers to discover how they are using our drivers and how we can better meet their needs. As a result of these conversations, we are adding several new features to our suite of DataDirect Connect products.

Connect for ODBC, JDBC Features for April 2015

Today, we are pleased to announce that DataDirect Connect for ODBC Version 7.1.5 and DataDirect Connect for JDBC Version 5.1.4 will contain the following new features:

  • NTLM v2
  • Open SSL Upgrade for SQL Server
  • Support of additional data types for our Hive drivers
  • MongoDB Deep Normalization
  • MongoDB 3.0 authentication support
  • MongoDB SSL

Tighter Security with NTLM v2 and FREAK protection

Kerberos, which is usually the preferred method of authentication, is already available in our ODBC driver. However, for specific cases where Kerberos is not available, we have added the additional security of NTLM v2 to our ODBC driver. Note that NTLM v2 has been available in our suite of JDBC drivers for some time already.

Additionally, bugs and exploits are always on the mind of developers. The FREAK security bug, first discovered in January 2015, allowed hackers to intercept weakly encrypted data between two computers. We always want to stay on top of these things, so we’ve upgraded our support for Open SSL on SQL Server to Version 1.0.0r to address this issue.

Expanded Support for MongoDB and Hive distributions

We continue to expand our strong capability in the Big Data world with enhanced support for data types in our Hive drivers. With this release we add support for decimal,  char, varchar, and date data types. Our Hive for ODBC and JDBC drivers support all of the major Hive distributions including Apache Hive, Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks, Pivotal HD, Amazon EMR and MapR.

For MongoDB, we now provide deep normalization, supporting nested tables to any level in JSON. To increase the security of MongoDB, we have added SSL encryption and support for authentication in MongoDB 3.0.

Experience Better Data Integration with DataDirect Connect

Progress DataDirect provides drivers for a wide range of data sources. Free trials are available, so download a driver for your favorite data source today and experience the DataDirect difference.

And of course, you can always contact us if you have any questions.

John Marsland

John Marsland is Marketing Manager in the Data Connectivity and Integration business unit at Progress Software, covering the DataDirect and DataDirect Cloud products.

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