NETELLER Eliminates Identity Theft & Fraud Using Progress Corticon

NETELLER Eliminates Identity Theft & Fraud Using Progress Corticon

Posted on March 25, 2014 0 Comments

Are you dreading the day you’ll have to organize that “chunk of cords” behind your desktop computer or television? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes, and the task is just too time-consuming to take on. Progress partner, NETELLER found itself in a similar place when it came to business logic. NETELLER helps eliminate identity theft and fraud by relying on data brokers to take secure information and then verify clients’ identities. For a long time, the rules for this process were scattered across various layers of their infrastructure and often relied on legacy code or human intervention. This meant lost time and money as IT “untangled the cords” every time a rule needed to be updated or a new data broker was added.

In an article in MIS Asia last week, Progress’ Chief Technology Officer of Decision Management, Dr. Mark Allen explains that this “tangled cord” issue can easily be solved using the right Business Rules Management System (BRMS), like Progress Corticon. Corticon helps to automate the process of making recurring decisions and creates decision trees that are accessible from a single, simple interface that both IT and business departments can understand. In NETELLER’s case, this meant a huge boost to speed, efficiency, and revenue. The company reported that with Progress Corticon, the amount of time it takes to implement a new data broker has drastically reduced from a minimum of three months to only 24 hours. This has allowed them to adapt to customer demands quickly and generate a revenue increase of $1.5 million per month.

NETELLER is one of the many companies to see tremendous growth by using Corticon to help automate decision-making. Learn more about NETELLER and other success stories on our website and in the infographic below!

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