Nasdaq Trading Glitches Caused by Connectivity Problems

Nasdaq Trading Glitches Caused by Connectivity Problems

August 23, 2013 0 Comments

Happy Friday everyone! Lots of people had a great week this week – Ben Affleck was named the next Batman, President Obama got a new dog and Facebook announced that it will help bring web access to the world. One institution whose week could have gone better? Nasdaq, which experienced a three-hour “flash-freeze” yesterday due to a technical glitch.

Computerworld reports that the outage was due to a “connectivity issue” between the core data feed that disseminates market data and the exchange participant. It blocked trading in Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other popular stocks, crippling the market and costing over $5.7 trillion in trades. In addition to money lost, the incident also triggered confidence issues during a time period when the stock market’s reputation isn’t exactly positive.

So how could these types of glitches be prevented? By using a reliable driver that delivers a rock-solid data connection no matter what the application scenario or volume of data. For example, our DataDirect Connect series of drivers undergo rigorous testing under production conditions using a combination of widely available benchmarks and tools as well as the industry's most extensive proprietary test suites. So whether you’re accessing as much data as Nasdaq, or just going about your daily activities on Salesforce, DataDirect has you covered.

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