What's New in MOVEit 2021

What's New in MOVEit 2021

Posted on May 11, 2021 0 Comments

Progress recently released MOVEit 2021, adding an impressive list of enhancements to its award-winning secure and managed file transfer solution.

Achieving iron-clad file security and compliance are heavy burdens. With compliance defined with painstaking granularity across multiple industries, each with its own set of rules and special requirements, getting secure file sharing done properly can involve a lot of heavy lifting. Getting it wrong can be an expensive ordeal, accompanied by reams of paperwork and lots of scrambling to account for gaps in file sharing security. Progress has been hard at work addressing all of these pain points in its latest release of MOVEit.

Building on its award-winning and industry-leading ease-of-use, MOVEit 2021 makes huge strides in enhancing security and interoperability in a Cloud-first world. Security advancements are at the top of this list for this release, including:  

  • Data Encryption Key Rotation – MOVEit 2021 makes it easy for security administrators to rotate data encryption keys automatically and schedule, pause, restart and report upon data encryption key status.     

  • IP/Username Lockout Mechanism -- MOVEit Automation administrators can now set automatic lockouts for users or IP addresses that fail login attempts too often, providing an additional layer of security often required by larger organizations and enterprises.     

  • MFA Support for the desktop MOVEit Client – New multifactor authentication support for the MOVEit desktop client means better security at every access point of an organization’s network.  


MOVEit 2021 also gives customers new features for easier implementation and enhanced integrations, including: 

  • S3 Compatible Host Support – This expands the variety of storage locations available for hybrid cloud workflows, including Amazon’s S3 protocol.     

  • HTML Email Notifications – Auto-generated emails in HTML and plain text make it easier for users to customize and validate email notifications.

  • Branded Emails – Include your logo or branding to help recipients recognize email notifications as being trustworthy.     

  • Updated User Interface for Advanced Task Configuration – UI improvements to the Advanced Task Configuration Interface make the web-based tool easier to use and improves productivity.  

  • REST API Enhancements – A wide variety of REST API enhancements have been added to MOVEit; users now have far more options for integrating with 3rd party systems.

There is a lot more in MOVEit 2021, but only so much space here. You can find all the details in the MOVEit Automation 2021 Release Notes and MOVEit Transfer 2021 Release Notes. You can learn more about what’s new in MOVEit 2021 at our What’s New Page or try it free for yourself. 


David Perez

David Perez was the marketing manager for Progress's Managed File Transfer product, MOVEit.


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