More on an XQuery format-number function

More on an XQuery format-number function

by Minollo
November 22, 2008 0 Comments

Recently Chris Wallace has been writing about formatting numbers in XQuery; as you may remember, I did blog about an XQuery-based format-number function some time ago, providing a partial implementation.

Chris mentions my post in his Wikibooks entry, and he has been so nice to run some tests and identify a few bugs and limitations. As I've recently had to "enjoy" a red eye flight on my way back to Boston, I couldn't resist the temptation to fix some of those issues.

Attached is a better version; it includes also support for the typical functionality you would access through xsl:decimal-format. The XQuery includes the tests that Chris posted on the Wikibooks entry, plus a few more, whose results are: [cc lang="xquery"]

local:format-number(12345678.9, '#,###.00')

12,345,678.90 12,345,678.90

local:format-number(-12345678.9, '#,###.00')

-12,345,678.90 -12,345,678.90


00012345.67 00012345.67


12,345.6700 12,345.6700


-012,345.67 -012,345.67


12,346 12,346


$12,346 $12,346


This is far from being a complete solution; there are several patterns that are not supported at all; but it's getting better... As I commented here I do believe that format-number needs to become part of the XQuery language and natively supported by the engine, which is the direction where XQuery 1.1 is moving.




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