Modulus PaaS Solution Helps Nielsen Scale to Cloud

Modulus PaaS Solution Helps Nielsen Scale to Cloud

September 10, 2015 0 Comments

When a market leader like Nielsen senses a shift in consumer behavior, its quick to innovate and adapt. However, enterprise’s scale and complexity can impact the speed and expense of deploying technology into production. Good thing Nielsen found a PaaS solution from Progress to stay agile.

Seamless Integration

Alan Bosworth, Nielsen's VP Research & Development recently shared how a “seismic shift” in how and where consumers view video resulted in unprecedented fragmentation in media consumption. Nielsen was able to respond rapidly by building new tools and products, however they still needed a lightweight, scalable, integrated Platform as a Service (PaaS) to help reduce friction when integrating Nielsen’s product into their clients’ products.

Nielsen had a clear vision of what they needed, but didn’t have the time, capacity or in-house expertise to build a new platform and deploy it into production. That's when Nielsen turned to Modulus, a Progress company. Using a complete solution like Modulus provided insight and best-practice support on the platform, enabling Nielsen to focus on its application development process and spend less time on configuration and integrations.

Modulus Met Unique Needs

The Modulus platform supported Nielsen's unique environment, requiring a hybrid model deployment: starting with an on-premises deployment with the ability to scale out into a cloud deployment in the future. Alan also shares how most of all, the Modulus platform enabled them to significantly reduce infrastructure ramp-up time and accelerate time to market.

Nielsen is a fantastic example of how large enterprises—even one of the world’s biggest information and measurement companies— are seeing huge gains from using a PaaS like Modulus to help accelerate getting their vision into reality.

Watch the video to hear the full story:

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Charlie Key

Charlie Key is the co-founder of Modulus, a Progress company, and now serves as the company's Senior Director of Business Operations. He has spent the last seven years working in the software industry, where he created over a dozen production websites and applications for many of the world’s largest brands, and founded three companies, two of which were acquired. Charlie spends his free time following industry trends in programming and cloud infrastructure and thinking about how to evolve Progress products to stay one step ahead.

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