Meet Raphael Bonhomme, Inside Account Executive at Progress

Meet Raphael Bonhomme, Inside Account Executive at Progress

Posted on December 15, 2020 0 Comments
Meet Raphael Bonhomme, Inside Account Executive at Progress

Progress people bring diverse experiences to the table and make Progress a special place to work. In this post, meet Raphael Bonhomme, an inside account executive.

Raphael or Raphy, as his colleagues call him, is all about exploring new places, cultures, ideas and points of view. He’s always up for an outdoor adventure, a conversation about geopolitics and a good challenge, especially if it means learning new things along the way. In his spare time, besides travelling, you’ll find him practicing various circus arts. Originally from France, he is currently based in our Sofia, Bulgaria, office. Learn some more about him here:

This month you’ll be celebrating your first year with Progress—congratulations! Thinking back on the past 12 months, what would you say is the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned?

Thank you. It has been a very exciting and peculiar year given the pandemic and times we are living in. I have learned that patience is a virtue, and you should not give up. Pursue your objectives, and when you have given and done everything that depends on you, then eventually things will have the desired outcome.

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What has been your favorite work memory?

I really enjoyed the sales kickoff we had last year right after I joined the company. It gave me the opportunity to integrate, settle and grasp on the business-side quickly and meet, in a friendly atmosphere, most of the people that I am currently working with on daily basis.

I bet 2020 has been hard for you as a person who loves to travel. At least we can still reminisce about all memorable past experiences. So, what has been your favorite outdoor adventure you’ve been on thus far?

One my favorite outdoor adventures happened during the time I travelled for a month in Peru. I had the chance to trek several times in wonderful canyons, rainforests and reach the altitude of 5,000 meters. The view was breathtaking … literally. Once it’s safe to travel again, I’d love to explore Nepal and the Philippines.

You’re originally from France. Tell me how did a French man find his way to Bulgaria? Have you picked up Bulgarian already?

The first time I came to Bulgaria was in the summer of 2012. Ever since I’ve been visiting regularly. For several years now I have been calling Bulgaria my second home. I really like the language and am in the process of learning it, but I find it quite challenging. I have heard however that Bulgarian and French have more than 100 words in common. One such example is the word “merci,” which Bulgarians sometimes use to say thank you. My French friends find this entertaining and comforting to hear when they visit.

Prior to moving to Bulgaria, you’ve worked a bit in France as well. Have you noticed any cultural differences when it comes to working habits, processes, communication styles?

I have not noticed any major cultural differences. I do think, however, that Bulgarians tend to be more direct and less formal in their communication. The Bulgarian management is more approachable in comparison to the French one. Bulgarians in general tend to become very friendly once you get to know them.

At Progress, you’re part of the sales team. Tell me a bit more about your job and what’s your favorite part of it.

I work as an inside sales representative. My role is to drive new business—respectively sales. I am following up on leads and opportunities, which involves communication with end customers, partners, technical teams and others.

One of the things that I like most about my job is that I can communicate with various inside and outside parties in the sales process. A key point of my position is not only the decision-making part but also building trust and long-term relationships on all levels.

It’s a demanding, but also very rewarding job as I regularly end up in situations I’ve never been in before. It’s a never-ending learning process.

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Tsvetiana Zaharieva

Tsvetiana Zaharieva

Tsvetiana Zaharieva is part of the Global Communications team at Progress. Inspired by technology and its impact on society, she is passionate about sharing good stories and know-how in the most efficient way. She is interested in the influence of psychology on communication and the role of the entrepreneurial mindset in a corporate setting. In her spare time she enjoys singing in choir as well as going to cultural and business events.


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