Meaningful Measurements

Meaningful Measurements

Posted on December 15, 2008 0 Comments

At our annual sales kickoff in Miami last week, I heard a story about one of the Regional Sales Managers that put a smile on my face, and it made me like Progress a little more. When asked by the CFO how he did last year, the regional sales manager responded "six cents".

Six cents. Huh?

Well, apparently there is a culture here at Progress that you look at regional profitability, and then each sales manager knows how their deals affect the company's bottom line. Being a numbers geek, and one who likes to measure things properly, I think it's cool.

SOA What? Well, I also heard a story about a new Actional customer who had over 98% up-time for their IT systems last year - a number they were proud to report. (Realizing, of course, that each industry has its own benchmark for up-time.)

They were proud to report it but it was meaningless to do so...

Why? Because as it turned out, while they had this brilliant up-time of their underlying infrastructure, something was preventing their largest customer from receiving any information for over three weeks. Do the math, 52 weeks in a year - down for 3, that's almost 6% downtime.

Where was the discrepancy?

The IT team was not tied into the business and was assuring system up time but NOT assuring their business transactions. So now, in order to gain credibility with the business and to make more insightful technology decisions in support of the business, the team chose Progress Actional as the management solution for their SOA and distributed applications (links to good article on what this is about by Anne Thomas Manes). Hopefully, they'll do better next year.

Have you ever had a situation, even in your personal life, dealing with a company's technology where they say all the systems are up but still, it's not working? Create a comment here and share your stories...

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