Making Single Sign-On Easier with Premium Drivers

Making Single Sign-On Easier with Premium Drivers

Posted on February 13, 2013 0 Comments

Today’s application environments are extremely dynamic, with new applications being built and deployed every day, and existing applications changing frequently. We look for convenience and speed without a second thought as to what we are authorizing. It’s easy to just type in your password and click through those protective dialog boxes. But, what really happens to your information? It is often stored and sent to another database. Single Sign-On (SSO) prevents organizations from replicating user account data in multiple databases. However, there is a common misperception that it is just too costly to have to integrate all of the business-critical applications into the SSO environment. How can we upgrade user maintenance and ensure that only the necessary parties have access to application data?

The solution may be as simple as using DataDirect drivers. In order to meet the technical needs of a variety of businesses, DataDirect is uniquely designed to use its “Pass-Through” technology to ensure that practically any type of application environment is supported. This builds upon previous industry attempts to work against the difficulties with security in Java.

Additionally, DataDirect offers a variety of options for user authentication, allowing organizations to more easily and cost effectively integrate everything into a single database or repository to help manage user account information. By using premium connectivity services that make consolidation simpler and application enablement for SSO faster, cost becomes significantly reduced and security increases for the better overall. To learn more about DataDirect SSO solutions click here or ask us directly on Twitter @DataDirect_news.

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