Learn Rapid App Dev This Weekend

Learn Rapid App Dev This Weekend

Posted on November 19, 2014 0 Comments

Talking about rapid application development and actually executing on it are two very different things. What if you could go from creating applications that normally take months and make apps in just days? What if you could continuously and easily connect to your data, wherever it lives, without complex reconfiguring of firewalls? And what if you could more easily manage and share your data? Rapid Application Development for Dummies is a handy guide that explains the Progress® Pacific™ Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach, which helps you achieve these benefits by speeding application development and deployment.

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Your Handy Guide to Creating Enterprise Applications

Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started, Rapid Application Development for Dummies gives you the information you need to explore new, more efficient cloud-based app dev approaches, including tools and technologies that you might not be aware of.

Read this free, easy-to-use guide to learn more about:

Progress Rollbase (for rapid application development)

  • Get a tour of the Rollbase application user interface, including tips and trial downloads to get you started developing apps today.
  • Build enterprise applications free from infrastructure constraints or traditional development activities (such as build, compile, deploy, version control).

Modulus (a Progress company) (a high-control, customizable development platform)

  • Explore the benefits of a high-control app dev and deployment option with Modulus (a Progress company) based on Node.js.
  • Leverage a consistent set of back-end application services as the basis for your cross-channel development (web + mobile + other form factors).

Progress DataDirect Cloud (cloud-based data connectivity service to multiple data sources and types)

  • Preview the DataDirect Cloud easy-to-use interface.
  • Discover how to differentiate your business with easy data integration and easily create, deploy and host flexible data-driven business apps for the web or mobile.
  • Understand how you can free your IT team from manual coding with easy, standards-based and industry-leading data access and connectivity.

Progress Easyl (data management and data sharing)

  • Get an overview of how Easyl helps you manage, share and collaborate with your data across the enterprise to help drive better decision making across your organization)

Progress Corticon (a Business Rules Management System or BRMS)

  • Get an overview of how Corticon BRMS delivers high-performance decision automation to help improve decision-related insights and overall business performance.

PaaS: The value of a cloud-based application development and deployment approach

  • Simplifies development, deployment and management of business applications for improved end-to-end organizational productivity to help drive seamless transformation of your business.
  • Embrace cloud-native, heterogeneous platform support that helps drive significant cost improvements.
  • Unleash the expertise of your workforce by empowering your GUI style developers and technical business users to co-create applications and proactively solve your most pressing business challenges with just a browser and an Internet connection.
  • Adopt an open architecture that aligns to industry standards, one that frees your organization by using open standards and enables continuous innovation.
  • Maximize your investment utilizing cloud technologies while allowing users to access applications, regardless of the platform (mobile/web).
  • Drive efficiency by developing applications once that works across all your devices, including support for mobile-specific application experience without custom coding.
  • Develop the business model and automatically generate the user interface based on the application model.

Download Rapid Application Development for Dummies Now

Whether you're new to application development or already on your way, download Rapid Application Development for Dummiesa unique guide with all you need to dig into the app dev process. Or go ahead and get started right now with a free, 30-day trial of the easy-to-use Progress Rollbase application development platform.

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose was previously a senior content strategist and team lead for Progress DataDirect.


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