Leading Architects to Speak at IT Architect Regional Conference

Leading Architects to Speak at IT Architect Regional Conference

Posted on October 06, 2009 0 Comments

I’m excited to be speaking at the upcoming 2009 IASA IT Architect Regional Conference, Thought Leader Edition. The conference will bring together leading architects and will offer more than 30 seminars. The October 12 – 14 conference is New York’s largest to address the needs of IT architects, and attendees are able to select from five specialty tracks (Enterprise, Infrastructure, Software, Information and Fundamentals). For more information, see Zain Naboulsi’s New York - Architecture Titans Meeting post.

I encourage you to attend my “Achieving Optimal Database Application Performance and Scalability” presentation. I will be sharing tips and techniques to successfully predict, diagnose and solve issues in database applications. Exploring some themes and content featured in the "The Data Access Handbook,” I plan to address application design, development and deployment strategies with an emphasis on the role of database middleware on performance. What makes my presentation particularly unique is that it tackles performance issues outside the database – that is, problems in the software that connects applications to databases.

Key topics I will address include:

  • Understanding the different components of database middleware that cause performance issues
  • How to design for optimal performance
  • How to write good application code
  • How to troubleshoot your own performance issues and to set realistic performance expectations

I hope to see at ITARC!

Rob Steward

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