Join Me At BravePoint Virtual Interchange Two

Join Me At BravePoint Virtual Interchange Two

January 22, 2010 0 Comments

The BravePoint Virtual Interchange Two conference is happening in two weeks! Coming live to your computer wherever you happen to be.

Thursday, February 4 and Friday, February 5 2010.

9:00 am to 5:15 pm (EST) both days.

I will be doing two sessions, one with Dan Foreman and one without:

0) Practical Progress OpenEdge Database Internals

Dan Foreman - BravePoint

Gus Bjorklund - Progress Software

In this talk Gus Bjorklund and Dan Foreman looks at selected OpenEdge database internals with a view to offering practical advice, knowledge, and tips to a Progress DBA. This talk is not just geeky insight into the workings of the database (though it will certainly have some of that). Our goal is enhancing the DBA's knowledge to optimize the DB and solve problems.

Some of our topics:

  • Understanding create/toss limits
  • Understanding records-per-block
  • Using rfutil aimage scan verbose to understand and troubleshoot fast growing BI files
  • Understanding the rules for BI cluster allocation and re-use and how to calculate how many clusters are actually in (or not in) use
  • Why record deletes are typically expensive
  • Understanding 'obscure' parameters such as pinshm, hash, etc.

1) The OpenEdge Schema Tables, Part 1

Gus Bjorklund - Progress Software

In this talk we describe the tables that comprise the OpenEdge database schema. These are the metadata tables that describe the logical and physical structure of a database. Topics include logical structure, physical structure, what schema tables exist, how they are related, how they are used, and example queries showing how to produce simple reports about the database.

In addition to Dan Foreman and and myself, there will be plenty of good stuff from other speakers like Tom Bascom, Adam Backman, Peter van Dam, Dustin Grau, Ken Wilner, Sunil Belgaonkar, Paul Guggenheim, Cameron Wright, and Mike Fechner.

You can see the agenda and session descriptions at:

The conference home page is here:

BravePoint Virtual Interchange Two will be broadcast live on the Internet from BravePoint studios outside Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

If you are in the area, you can attend in person. If you do, we can have a beer together.  You can get more information about that here:

Don't miss this sure to be exciting event.

Gus Bjorklund

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