JLINQ really isn't

JLINQ really isn't

Posted on August 24, 2007 0 Comments

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I was going to reserve comment on IBM's recent article on JLINQ but I really can't help myself. Here's a link to the article:


LINQ stands for Language INtegrated Query, which this clearly is not. I don't know if Microsoft has any rights to the name LINQ or not, but I think it very poor form of IBM to actually use the term for something that is not technically correct. LINQ is something that is actually integrated into the programming language itself, like Microsoft is integrating it into C# for instance. Then, you can actually do your queries in C# instead of SQL.

JLINQ is nothing of the sort. This is merely a new ORM style code generator for Eclipse that IBM has made. It's certainly an interesting idea on ORM to me, but that's all it is. In a nutshell, you install the JLINQ package and tell your application what JDBC driver to use. Then, it connects to the database and your Eclipse project suddenly becomes "Database Aware". Neato, this is a cool idea. By being database aware, you can then have better SQL validation as you write the queries (or optionally generate them) as you code. Example: if you type "select" the SQL validator will ask to change it to "select" (I've got some friends who can't type and really need this!). Also, since you're connected to the DB, you can get instant validation of columns and metadata as you go, which is also helpful. Once you define what you want in terms of a query (or object definition for the ORM stuff) you can right click and have choices to generate a SQL Bean or JLINQ code. Furthermore, you can simply right-click on a table in the Database Explorer and choose "Generate JLINQ Code" and you'll automatically get a CRUD interface for your table. Certainly seems like this will save some time.

All things considered, this seems like it is a neat idea in that it combines a nice database aware project with content assist and automatic code generation of CRUD objects and/or beans.......but by no stretch of the imagination is it LINQ. I will certainly be playing around with it in the upcoming weeks; however, I'll be using our DataDirect Connect for JDBC drivers to do the work and so I'll let you all know how it goes.


Oh, some posters on channel9 at Microsoft certainly have strong opinions if you're interested: http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=335603

Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis

As Senior Director of Research & Development, Jesse is responsible for the daily operations, product development initiatives and forward looking research for Progress DataDirect. Jesse has spent nearly 20 years creating enterprise data products and has served as an expert on several industry standards including JDBC, J2EE, DRDA and OData. Jesse holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State university.


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