Information Overload?

Information Overload?

Posted on August 30, 2010 0 Comments

Last week I had the wonderful fortune to deliver a webinar with Robin Bloor on the role of events in decision management. This event, as a part of Information Management’s Espresso Shot webinar series, gave us a chance to dig into the market conditions and the potential ways that events can affect decision management by injecting real-time information into the process.

As many of you that might be familiar with my webinars and papers will recall, I’m a strong proponent of complex event processing (CEP) as a significant contributor to the changing landscape of decision management. Let’s face it; even in the intense world of Capital Markets where Apama’s event processing thrives in high-volume, high-velocity scenarios, the result is improved decision management, but in the end it’s all about who makes the right decision first. There is absolutely no reason why that benefit cannot be enjoyed outside of the capital markets space – and in fact it is. And, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be high-volume, high-velocity scenarios. Need to find the needle in the haystack? – event processing will do nicely.

Event Processing has hit the main stream. The recognition by business that events can be harnessed and used to influence decision management is gaining momentum. But, there two things that I think Robin and I eluded to, but probably needed to push a bit more.

  1. First, event processing is architecture. Yes, it’s about data. But data that’s moving, transient and very little context. I see a time in the near future where there will be event architects with the responsibility of making sense of an enterprise’s event streams.
  2. Second, event processing requires technology. There’s a reason why products such as Apama exist. It’s not easy or possible without them. There’s a lifetime of R&D, experience and, in the case of Apama, patented technology to simplify your job. You’ll spend more time picking off the events that matter most and leave the infrastructure to us.

Whoever makes the right decision first – wins. And, this is something you can plug into what you have now. Go for it.

Replay the webinar >

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