HubSpot Again Ranks Tops in Homepage Design

HubSpot Again Ranks Tops in Homepage Design

Posted on June 10, 2016 0 Comments

Recently, HubSpot updated its ranking of “16 of the Best Website Homepage Design Examples,” and again included the Telerik by Progress homepage among them. The Web and Design teams at Progress work hard to integrate best practices and innovative approaches to help customers better find what they’re looking for, so it’s fantastic to have this strong work noticed.

Why the Homepage Works

The homepage hit high marks for:

  • First impression: Bold colors, fun designs and videography give the site a “Google-like vibe,” making visitors feel welcome and secure that they’re dealing with real people
  • Clear communication: Simple, high-level overview makes it clear what the company does and what it offers, and makes it easy to learn more
  • Lightweight-language: Copy is easy to read, written in the language of customers

Best Practices in Homepage Design

The post also shared seven best practices in homepage design worth including as you move forward with any design work you’re pursuing. Be sure your homepage:

  1. Answers, clearly, who the company is, what it does and what visitors can do on the site
  2. Resonates with the intended target audience
  3. Communicates a compelling value proposition
  4. Is optimized for multiple devices
  5. Includes calls-to-action (CTAs)
  6. Changes frequently
  7. Employs great overall design

The homepage was similarly recognized in 2015, so we’re so glad that our design skills and commitment to optimizing the customer journey is being recognized. If you have any questions for our designers, or are interested in learning about our content management system, Progress Sitefinity, leave us a comment!

Paulette Stout Progress

Paulette Stout

An all-around fabulous marketing veteran of both corporate and nonprofit sectors, and principal at Media Goddess Inc., Paulette is an enthusiastic champion of the written word. She has a strong background in content marketing, writing and strategy, and was also an award-winning media buyer-planner for top brands.


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