Freeing Cloud Data and Reaping the Benefits of SaaS

Freeing Cloud Data and Reaping the Benefits of SaaS

October 22, 2012 0 Comments

The explosion in Software as a Service has changed the world of data access dramatically. Business critical information that was once within the four walls of an organization is now locked in a variety of SaaS applications deployed on the internet. So, how can we regain control of our data and get a complete view of critical information, while still reaping the many benefits that SaaS has to offer? This is a topic I will be discussing at the Powering the Cloud Expo next week in Frankfurt, Germany.

In order to make insightful decisions from data in the Cloud, decision-makers need to gain full visibility into their business data, wherever it may live. This is where Connectivity as a Service comes into play. Connectivity as a Service plugs seamlessly into your existing BI, ETL and integration tools allowing SaaS data to be accessed as easily as if it were still stored on premise in a database.

Here at DataDirect we will be coming out with a new solution helps our customers better connect with and access data sources that are in the Cloud. The solution will:

  • Provide a single driver that plugs into any 3rd party BI/analytics application suite.
  • Provide access to a broad spectrum of data sources through a connectivity management service that resides in the Cloud.
  • Provide standardized SQL access to Cloud data through the connectivity management service.
  • Provide scalability through load balancing to account for high processing levels through the Cloud.

Want to learn more? Register for the event or follow it on Twitter at @snweurope2012!

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