Forms Duplication in Sitefinity CMS

Forms Duplication in Sitefinity CMS

November 29, 2013 0 Comments

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We have a lot of requests form clients about duplication of existing Sitefinity forms.

Please find a sample showing how to duplicate a specific form programmatically:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            var fromManager = FormsManager.GetManager();
            //Get an existing form
            var firstForm = fromManager.GetForms().Where(f => f.Title == "Test").FirstOrDefault();
            if (firstForm.LockedBy != null)
                fromManager.UnlockForm(firstForm.Id, false);
            var firstDraft = fromManager.EditForm(firstForm.Id);
             //Duplicate the form
            DuplicateForm(firstForm.Title, firstDraft, fromManager);
        void DuplicateForm(string title, FormDraft draftToDuplicate, FormsManager receivingManager)
            var dateString = DateTime.Now.ToString("MMddHHmm");
            var name = "sf_adave" + "_" + dateString;
            var formManager = receivingManager;
            //Create a new form
            var newForm = formManager.CreateForm(name);
            newForm.Title = title + "_" + dateString;
            var draft = formManager.EditForm(newForm.Id);
            var master = formManager.Lifecycle.CheckOut(draft);
            formManager.CopyControls(draftToDuplicate.Controls, master.Controls);
            master.SuccessMessage = draftToDuplicate.SuccessMessage;
            master.Owner = draftToDuplicate.Owner;
            master.LastModified = DateTime.Now;
            foreach (var control in master.Controls)
                control.Published = false;
            master = formManager.Lifecycle.CheckIn(master);

In the code we get an existing form and duplicate its controls and create a new form. You could change the name and title of the form to be different than the one we are using above. Execute the form in a new web form, created in Visual Studio.

Note that the sample works in monolingual environment.

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