Fast Track to Awesome Analytics with Easy Data Blending

Fast Track to Awesome Analytics with Easy Data Blending

Posted on June 03, 2015 0 Comments

Rich Julius shares some tips for generating awesome analytics with better data blending.

You have so much data, so many questions and so little time to actually analyze it. You might even have access to an advanced analytics or business intelligence (BI) tool for creating great visualizations. But you can’t help but notice that the end-to-end process of blending your data is still unnecessarily hard. There’s always that one elusive question you need to investigate in order to figure out the larger analytics puzzle. That time-consuming task keeps getting pushed off until tomorrow or next week. Until the question itself becomes stale and no longer relevant.

What if you had a way to easily discover that missing piece? A key that allowed you to unlock the power of BI and give you not just answers, but easy insights into what the questions should be? A data preparation tool is your secret weapon to better BI.

Get more time to analyze your dataYoung man juggling balls

Imagine an artist who is trying to paint while juggling brushes, palette, paint tubes, and canvas. Pretty hard, right? But give that artist an easel, and he can get back to painting instead of juggling.

You have a lot of valuable information about your customers and campaigns and sales and performance—and plenty of related questions. But all that data is in different locations and is difficult to access. It is difficult to blend. It is difficult to explore. Difficult to juggle manually. This manual effort means less time to focus on data analysis. The missing link?  A data blending platform that lets you easily combine your data sources.

Blend your data like an artist

You can use BI tools like Tableau or Qlikview to visualize data, but you need to first blend your data. But your data blending tool can’t be complex, or you’ll never get around to using it. A complex tool is just as bad as the problem it’s trying to solve.

Getting the right data is hard because you don’t always know what the right data is, where it is,or how it fits together. What you need is easy access to the data—all the data. And a simple way to blend it together, before you decide what to send to that cool BI tool.

Gotcha covered.

Progress® Easyl® (yes, easy + easel) is the data preparation tool that is easy and actually fun to use. With Easyl you can:

  • Securely access data without asking IT to poke holes in a firewall.
  • Store persistent connection credentials to all your data: on-premise databases, Excel files, cloud data sources like Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, and more.
  • View the data, as well as key insights to the data, so that you can see what’s going on. Because if you have to blend in the dark, you won’t be painting a very good picture.
  • Blend the data easily, using a simple interface that lets you experiment and investigate. Imagine being able to blend data across your CRM, ERP, SFA, and other completely different acronyms, without ever having to learn an API or ETL tool. (Acronym-free blending!)
  • Create a personal cloud data mart, where all this oddly shaped data from different systems is combined neatly in tables that look like regular worksheets. A data mart that makes sense to you. One that doesn’t hold your data hostage, and seamlessly connects to your BI tool, dashboard, or application.

Yes, with Easyl virtually anyone—without advanced technical knowledge—can combine data from, say, Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, an Oracle ERP system, and an application built in MS-SQLServer into a single homogenous view, and you can easily see what you’re doing, all along the way.

 A personal invitation to Easyl

Finally, there’s a solution that makes data preparation so easy that there’s no point in putting it off.  So go ahead, take five minutes to register for a free Easyl trial right now. You’ve been putting this off long enough!

The Easyl Welcome Screen

Easyl invites you to the world of easy data blending

Try it now and see for yourself

Still don’t think you’re ready? How about this: register today, and I will personally extend your trial for as long as you need to get started. Because I promise you, this is the easy easel you’ve been looking for.



Rich Julius

Rich is the Principal Product Manager for Progress Easyl, a cloud-based data integration and blending tool that enables you to create reporting data sets and data marts “on-the-fly” quickly and easily. Rich has spent two decades working with data-driven applications and marketing automation, and served in senior management roles at a number of Silicon Valley companies before settling in North Carolina. Rich has led consulting engagements for Fortune 1000 clients including Cisco, Microsoft, Seagate and McKesson, and is an alum of PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Informix. Rich was nominated in 2015 by President Barack Obama to serve on the Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board.


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