End to end visibility - coming to a supply chain near you

End to end visibility - coming to a supply chain near you

Posted on September 14, 2011 0 Comments

I have been fortunate to participate in the 2011 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in London, an assembly of leading supply chain practitioners where we spend 3 days listening to latest thinking for Gartner/AMR Research analysts (I will always think of many the AMR analysts in that light!). The underlying theme for supply chains is that we are moving to a new generation of innovation, a manner for enterprises to build the systems and capabilities to elevate their extended supply chains.

What is one of the building blocks at the heart of this transformation? End to end supply chain visibility of course! Gartner highlights a theme which revolves around the VUCA concept -

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity

Supply chains need to integrate end to end visibility, supply chain sensing and responsiveness to be able to survive in a world where VUCA lurks at every corner. This ability to successfully weave together these abilities through your technology is paramount to your supply chain achieving a high level. One aspect that we must also consider is that no matter how good the visibility and functions technology brings to the extended supply chain, at some point there must be a human intervention when it comes to make decisions. Companies cannot ignore the need to have the appropriate supply chain leadership within their organizations who can leverage these new tools to their full potential.

Which is another element that Gartner highlighted - supply chain talent management.

Vendors can provide enterprises with some world class capabilities, but enterprises need to put the right level of talent at the controls.

Want to discuss VUCA, visibility, control towers and other supply chain issues of today? Please send me your comments and if you are at the Gartner conference come by the Progress booth! Or please come to Progress Revolution in Boston next week and we can discuss over a bowl of clam chowder.

Guy Courtin

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