Employees expect app performance, development must deliver

Employees expect app performance, development must deliver

Posted on February 25, 2014 0 Comments

Consumer apps have raised employee standards for functionality.

Consumer apps have raised employee standards for functionality.

Today, apps are everywhere. Powerful interfaces are commonplace within the consumer sphere, and these tools are building expectations among employees. When these professionals come into the office, they don't want to experience a drop-off in functionality and design quality. For this reason, it's vital that business apps meet high standards and appeal to employee sensibilities. Engagement comes from giving the right kind of user experience, and productivity will likely be the natural result.

Best developer tools Telling app creation teams to deliver top-quality solutions is a tall order if their tools are less than effective. Today, this means they should have access to Platform-as-a-Service solutions that can help them coordinate their efforts and accelerate the release cycle on Web applications to enhance productivity. While in the past, app creation called for a large amount of coding effort, today's solutions are more streamlined, allowing personnel with less technical knowledge to lead teams and still create highly functional tools for the user base.

Executives can decide what infrastructure they use to deploy these PaaS solutions, including hosting them completely off-site on public cloud resources. This means no steep upfront costs for hardware and software licenses, and no need to scale up the data center in large increments. What the company needs is what it uses and pays for. This flexible resource base can host a thriving group of applications, all designed to suit the users and distributed through a branded app store.

Results will show Let the development team work under ideal circumstances, and the results may soon manifest themselves in the work being done through the apps. Professionals can embrace the efficiency and productivity that come from having reliable tech tools developed by teams that understand their needs and don't have to grapple with difficult or antiquated design tools. They can use these apps through the cloud on a Software-as-a-Service model, enjoying the reliable performance that they have become accustomed to with consumer technology.

When trends appear in the IT world, you can either ignore them or make them part of your strategy. With the app revolution, there is great incentive to go along with the trend, as a well-designed and distributed piece of technology can connect the user base, giving them the familiar feeling of efficiency and effectiveness. When workers act outside of IT guidelines and endanger their employers with poor tech choices, it is often because they feel ill-served by the official apps on offer. Improving this IT lineup can help keep these professionals happy and productive.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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