Don’t Be Afraid of Your Data

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Data

October 31, 2014 0 Comments

halloweenHappy Halloween!! It’s spooky out there today – with gules, goblins and ghosts roaming about. Moreover, it’s even spookier inside the offices of many marketers, as they’re trying to wrap up their data analysis before hitting the candy.

One of the horrors of data analysis is getting a clear picture of your operations, especially when your data analysis software has to access data residing in fragmented silos across your organization. And this is a critical issue for many marketers. Marketing analysts, sales operations, customer support teams and ISVs struggle to access, combine, collaborate and report on this data – often consuming hours or days of manually unifying, filtering and cleaning the data in Microsoft Excel.

Progress Easyl is a data analysis tool that dramatically simplifies the process of accessing, blending, and reporting on your organizational data. With Easyl, operations, analysts and ISVs become empowered to self-service their data needs, right when they need it, on both Windows and Mac platforms. A single view of your customer, an accurate measurement of your marketing execution, and the pulse of your sales team can be the differentiation you need to ignite your business.

If you’re looking to empower your business with data-driven decision making, and overcome your data fears, try sign up for a free trial of Easyl today.

Adam Breakey

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