Does Java Need Type 5 JDBC Drivers?

Does Java Need Type 5 JDBC Drivers?

March 24, 2010 0 Comments

four is good

According to the feedback received on last month's webinar How Type 4 JDBC Drivers Limit Modern Java Environments, the limitations that Jesse highlighted are widespread and in some cases, cause severe problems in production environments. Many of those that we heard from were eager to find an easy way to resolve their problems that did not involve a lot of coding or complicated work-arounds.

After giving it a lot of thought, Jonathan Bruce, Progress DataDirect's product manager for the Connect products, has come up with a way to solve these limitations of Type 4 drivers. He'll be talking about his solution and the benefits that his approach can offer any data-driven Java application on the market today along with his colleague Jesse Davis, our senior engineering manager for the Connect products.

So what is this new solution called? (spoiler alert: Jonathan refers to it as a Type 5 JDBC driver) Regardless of what you call it, it is obviously something that there is a need for in the Java space.

Whether you are a Java developer interested in learning what exactly a Type 5 JDBC driver might offer over Type 4 or a Java architect interested in hearing what two experts in the realm of JDBC have to say about the state of Java-based data access, one thing is for sure - the conversation on this topic is sure to be lively!

Register now for the free webinar.

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