Developers empowered by the cloud, DevOps

Developers empowered by the cloud, DevOps

Posted on January 24, 2014 0 Comments

Development is different in the cloud.

Development is different in the cloud.

Developing and distributing applications in the same ways that have worked in the past may be problematic going forward. The role of apps in business has changed, and keeping your methods the same fails to take this shift into account. With a variety of devices replacing the omnipresent workstation in business, and advanced IT tools available to employees in many roles and industries, app distribution has risen in importance.

Now, it's time to do what you must to ensure that your apps come out smoothly and on schedule. If that means changing your practices or adopting a cloud computing platform, dive in.

New methods, infused with the cloud A recent survey released by Evans Data Corporation confirmed that development personnel see the cloud as a difference-making technology. This is especially pronounced at Independent Software Vendors. Over three-fourths of respondents at companies in this space stated that the cloud will bring development and operations departments closer together. This relationship is the crux of DevOps, a philosophy devoted to making these two roles function as a unit instead of handing code back and forth. The connectivity encouraged by cloud use may add a new level of communication to your own organization, ensuring that your software goals are met.

By enabling the continuous creation of updates that are then sent to end-users through the cloud, current development methods have set themselves apart from previous practices. The Evans survey explained that rapid application development is taking hold, and 25.9 percent of cloud-enabled personnel in the field are launching daily updates. Expand the time frame to one week, and 63.3 percent of these developers have new releases ready for consumption.

With Platform-as-a-Service deployments helping these departments work together and the Software-as-a-Service model acting as a conduit to push updates to end-users, the cloud has made itself at home in the development world.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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