Introducing Developer Access Control for Kinvey

Introducing Developer Access Control for Kinvey

by Gal Niv
Posted on August 26, 2019 0 Comments
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Access for all developers working on your app can now be managed with a single interface in Progress Kinvey, enabling more granular control for you and your development team.

Today, we are introducingb the revamped Kinvey management console, featuring support for role-based access control. This release builds on top of recent backend infrastructure improvements to enable significantly finer-grained control over the actions your team can take when developing on Progress Kinvey.

Starting today, access for all developers working on your app—whether they are environment collaborators, app admins and owners, service developers, or organization members—is managed using a single interface. When you navigate to each environment, app, service, or organization, you will find two new sections: Access Control and Developer Roles. Together, these replace the environment Collaboration section.

Access Control and Developer Roles

The Developer Roles section allows you to see each available role, its list of abilities, and the users to whom it is assigned. In a coming update, this section is where you will be able to add and remove your own, custom roles, choosing the precise set of abilities that fits your needs.


Use the Access Control section to get an overview of developers who can access your app, assign or change existing developers’ roles, invite new developers to your app, and revoke roles from those who no longer require access. The new role invitation system eases the on-boarding process by allowing you to preemptively grant specific roles to developers who have not yet signed up for Kinvey, so that their access is properly configured as soon as they sign in for the first time.


This release marks another major step towards a Kinvey that understands your unique development team requirements and adapts to them. As part of our process, we will be refining and improving many aspects of the system over the coming months, and we look forward to hearing your perspective on these changes: please reach out to us!


Gal Niv

Gal has been working with computers ever since he can remember. When not coding, he can be found playing guitar (or ukulele), baking, cooking, reading, traveling near and far, and taking photos with his old-school Leica M4. His hair has a mind of its own.


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