Data Access Tips and Tricks – Part Two

Data Access Tips and Tricks – Part Two

July 26, 2012 0 Comments

How is your Big Data management strategy looking? There’s no doubt that when faced with tremendous amounts of data, figuring out how to manage it can be a bit of a challenge. If you saw our first blog on this subject, you learned a few helpful tips for tackling this undertaking:

  • Understand Hadoop
  • Integrate cloud data with existing reporting applications
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by Big Data
  • Get SQL Access to Salesforce Data

Hopefully you found those first four tips helpful. Here are four more pointers for preparing for Big Data management. End Database Client Library Management   Are you currently wasting time managing your database client libraries? If you answered yes, you need one driver that supports ALL major UNIX/Linux platforms for all major databases. Enter, Progress DataDirect Connect for ODBC, which uses wire protocol technology to eliminate the need for database client libraries. Check out this video to see how you can be rid of your database client libraries in just 15 minutes! Benefit from Type 5 JDBC Success Have you found yourself limited by Type 4 JDBC drivers? Anxious for a simple way around them? Take a moment to consider the benefits that a Type 5 JDBC driver holds for your business environment. Click here for a quick tutorial on installing and benefitting from DataDirect’s Type 5 JDBC Drivers. Utilize Bulk Load to Move Big Data Faster It makes perfect sense: the more data you’re dealing with, the harder and slower it is to move it. In today’s Big Data world, this can present quite a problem. So what’s the quickest, most efficient way to move, extract, backup and archive those mounds of critical data? Click here to learn more about how easy it can be to move bulk data from one database directly to another via streaming with DataDirect Drivers. Establish Quick and Easy Salesforce Access Salesforce holds huge amounts of important information for companies, so ensuring you have quick and easy access is paramount. DataDirect’s Connect for JDBC Salesforce Driver combines read/write access to Salesforce objects, custom objects and reports with real-time data caching and Type 5 JDBC driver features.  Check out this video to find out how easy it is to establish a reliable connection to Salesforce and start building and capitalizing on your queries. We hope you found these tips and trick for improving data access helpful! If you have any questions about improving your data access, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team! For a free 15 day trial download of our drivers, click here.


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