Copy Page Groups Between Sites In Multisite Scenario

Copy Page Groups Between Sites In Multisite Scenario

January 03, 2014 0 Comments

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This blog provides a sample web form that can be used to copy a specific page and all of its child pages between two Sitefinity sites in multisite scenario.

This can be very useful if you create new site and don't want to copy the whole page structure from another site, with this sample you can only copy specific pages between sites to avoid recreating them multiple times in different sites.

The complete code for the coping pages between sites is available for download here.
In the sample web form there are four textboxes that accept the:

Name of the site to copy the page from
Name of the page to be copied
The culture of the page to copy (if the site have multiple cultures)
The name of the site to copy the page to
The culture of the site to copy the page to.

A limitation to the approach is to copy a page in one culture as page in completely different culture the sample assumes that you need to copy only certain pages from one site into another site and those two sites have the same cultures.
Coping a page in EN culture from a site into a site that have FR culture can prove to result in problems in the copied page, please avoid this.

Here is a video on how the copy implementation is used to copy a page.

Stanislav Velikov

Stanislav Velikov is a Tech Support Engineer at Telerik. He joined the Sitefinity Support team in April 2011.

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