Connecting any REST API into Splunk Enterprise

Connecting any REST API into Splunk Enterprise

February 03, 2020 0 Comments
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Learn how you can easily connect to Splunk databases from your REST API tools and get the most from your Splunk enterprise data.

Splunk Enterprise turns your data into answers with insightful machine learning-powered analytics. With its exceptional log analysis, Splunk gives unparalleled insights into what’s happening across your IT infrastructure in real-time. REST APIs are a great way to drive data access in your enterprise environments, but it’s not always easy to connect your REST API data within Splunk for more profound levels of machine data and intelligence. With the Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector, you can easily query your data using SQL.  

Getting the Most from Your Splunk Enterprise Data

Splunk supports real-time automation of the collection, indexing, and altering of the machine data critical to your operations. With Splunk, you can uncover the actionable insights from all your data, no matter the source or format, and leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for making predictive and proactive business decisions.

Typically, connecting to Splunk data via a REST API isn’t an easy feat, and requires some knowledge on your part of how to alter the configuration. Fortunately, the Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector efficiently negotiates the connection to Splunk Enterprise, with the minimal setup so that you can access and query data in real-time faster and with more reliability.

By connecting any REST API into Splunk Enterprise with DataDirect, you will realize these benefits:

  • Splunk converts complex logs into visual graphs and reports that result in simplified analysis, reporting, and resolution of anomalies in your enterprise data
  • Adding Splunk to your data analysis effort will accelerate gaining valuable insights 70% faster
  • Search your physical and virtual IT infrastructure for literally anything of interest and get results in seconds

Getting Started with the Progress Autonomous REST Connector

Taking advantage of all of the machine data and insights Splunk has to offer with a REST API is no longer a task for database administrators with the Progress Autonomous REST Connector. Leveraging all of your data in real-time is now easily possible.

Thanks to Progress Developer Advocate, Saikrishna Bobba, we have a thorough walkthrough on how to connect to Splunk databases from your REST API tools using the Progress Autonomous REST Connector for you right here.

Read the Tutorial

Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson is the proud brand manager for Progress DataDirect. He’s been developing b2b strategy, creating content, increasing brand awareness and driving leads for nearly several decades. Follow Howard on Twitter @hdavidson and on LinkedIn.

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