Connect to Amazon Redshift Using ODBC from Python on Windows or Linux

Connect to Amazon Redshift Using ODBC from Python on Windows or Linux

February 07, 2020 0 Comments
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Need to access your Amazon Redshift data faster? This brief tutorial will help get you up and running with your data quickly and easily.

Cloud technology has proven its ability to reduce costs while providing increased functionality and scalability. But cloud data is only valuable if it can be accessed remotely as quickly as if it was stored on your local computer.

Organizations must exploit the knowledge hidden in the vast amounts of data being generated and conduct sophisticated analysis on that data to remain efficient and competitive. Fortunately, the commercialization of cloud computing emerged more than ten years ago and offers advances in computer hardware, architecture, and software that can help your organization meet this challenge and exceed your expectations.

If you store data in an Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse, accessing that data at the speed of business is straightforward, using some modest Python along with the DataDirect Amazon Redshift connector for ODBC. This solution provides not only the speed of access but the ability to visualize data and gain real-time insights into your business operations.

Whether you are using Windows or Linux, one of the Progress DataDirect operating-system-specific tutorials will give you more information to get you up and running fast and easily.

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Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson is the proud brand manager for Progress DataDirect. He’s been developing b2b strategy, creating content, increasing brand awareness and driving leads for nearly several decades. Follow Howard on Twitter @hdavidson and on LinkedIn.

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