Condé Nast Shows Off Its DAM

Condé Nast Shows Off Its DAM

Posted on February 07, 2013 0 Comments
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More than 30 people from media's largest players saw Condé Nast unveil its new custom DAM of 8 million images on MarkLogic.
More than 30 people from media’s largest players saw Condé Nast unveil its new custom DAM on MarkLogic.

Attendees at the New York MarkLogic Users Group (NYMUG) were treated to a surprise double feature. First, event host Condé Nast showed off its new DAM to folks from media stalwarts such as McGraw-Hill, ShowTime, ALM, Associated Press, APA, McGraw-Hill and Hearst Magazine. The Condé trio of Brian Cross, Andrew Wanczowski, Demetri Vasiadis had spent the last several months creating a custom solution on MarkLogic. Rich with metadata, the DAM featured custom front-end search and back-end management.

Digital veterans can be a cynical bunch, as we have been promised time-saving tools for 15 years that often fall flat. So kudos to Condé for wowing the crowd with its comprehensive system that featured compelling GUIs, role-based permissions,  rich drill-down, sub-second retrieval and reporting capability.

After work project: 311 App quickly built on MarkLogic.
After work project: 311 App quickly built on MarkLogic.

But that was just the warm up act. Condé Nast then demoed the rapid development capabilities of MarkLogic. The team downloaded New York City’s 311 information and services data and used MarkLogic’s Express, free software for developers, to rapidly built an application around it … something that New York City can’t do now! Gotham dwellers might want to call Mike to get this app in place.

Thanks to Gary Vidal and James Wonder for contributed reports.

Diane Burley

Responsible for overall content strategy and developing integrated content delivery systems for MarkLogic. She is a former online executive with Gannett with astute business sense, a metaphorical communication style and no fear of technology. Diane has delivered speeches to global audiences on using technologies to transform business. She believes that regardless of industry or audience, "unless the content is highly relevant -- and perceived to be valuable by the individual or organization -- it is worthless." 


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