Codecentric's Fridaymeeting

Codecentric's Fridaymeeting

September 08, 2008 0 Comments

A few days ago I saw the entry on the codecentric blog about their recent "Fridaymeeting". It was great to see more folks being introduced to a common model based approach to integration, and how that can simplify complex integration projects and the adoption of industry standard data models. It was especially good to see that they recognized that while SOA "saves the costly n:m integration effort of all systems," it "leaves the problem how theses systems communicate unsolved."

One point raised in the post that I found particularly interesting was the question as to how SI would fit into a continuous integration environment. While I don't have any direct experience myself with this approach, I did just hear from Stewart Welbourne at BT that he was working on exactly this. He just posted an entry on his blog about how he is using DXSI as a core component of his CI framework.

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