Cloud migration becoming clearer, more important

Cloud migration becoming clearer, more important

Posted on January 29, 2014 0 Comments

The private cloud holds promise, and only a few small impediments stand in its path.

The private cloud holds promise, and only a few small impediments stand in its path.

The process of moving IT resources from on-site servers to the cloud has begun to feel inevitable. If you're still running a significant percentage of your processes on-premise, you're probably thinking about ways to get them out of there, whether into a private cloud environment you control or a public deployment from a provider such as Amazon Web Services.

While the importance of the transformation shouldn't be obscured or forgotten, it doesn't need to be difficult or damaging to your business. There are sensible ways to transform from a legacy firm into a cloud-powered business, making projects such as application development easier in the process.

Mapping out the cloud journey Experts have plenty to say about the cloud transition. Recently, BizTech rounded up some of the best practices that have accumulated in the past few years. Consultant Anil Desai told BizTech that there is often a disconnect between the goal of creating a strong private cloud and the actual process of getting that environment in place. Leaders know what they have to do but can't see the intermediate steps. There are two sides to the obstruction, according to BizTech: A general lack of funds combined with cultural resistance may make a private cloud deployment tricky.

BizTech went on to list the powerful incentives that could greet businesses that complete the private cloud transformation. Single- and multi-tenant cloud infrastructures go beyond virtualization, which has already become a notable presence in IT. They also make the creation of new projects and initiatives quick and powerful. BizTech explained that with a few easy operations, leaders can acquire the compute resources they need to move in a different direction. Instead of buying new hardware and paying for an arbitrary amount of capacity, executives dip into a pool of flexible computing power, making their plans easier to scale if they succeed and cheap to scrap if they fail.

Private-powered PaaS deployments Firms that decide the time has come for a private cloud and overcome the few obstacles that may stand in the way can improve their processes through the use of technologies such as Progress® Rollbase® Private Cloud. With this solution in place, you can set up an app store branded with your firm's logo, giving users a convenient portal through which to access the powerful new solutions your developers turn out. If you decide that the private cloud is too small to properly suit your development ambitions, there is also a public cloud version of the environment available, granting developers new capabilities.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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