Busy week in India (Product Conclave and SOA Summit)

Busy week in India (Product Conclave and SOA Summit)

Posted on November 08, 2010 0 Comments

Ramesh LoganathanOver the past few years there has been a significant rise in new tech start-ups in India. This is most evident at the National Software Products Conclave organized by Nasscom (national industry body). Till a few years back this was essentially for, by and of global multi-national product majors and few leading Indian product companies. In past two years, however, this has transformed to now an event completely targeting tech start-ups. A very demand driven shift! This years edition is due next week and theme is Lean Startups in the Cloud.

I am happy to be part of this event. I am part of the core organizing team, and am moderating a panel discussion on the opportunity being opened by UID (a majorly funded federal program to issue citizen IDs - a la Social Security Number in many countries ).Topic being - Ride the New Mobile Solutions Wave Triggered by UID. The UID organization, headed by Infosys Co-founder, is looking at much beyond just the ID. Implicit in the envisioned architecture is the mechanism to authenticate ID verification with bio-metrics also in place. And this is being made available to all solution providers and SIs to build custom solutions in segments ranging from Supply Chain, Logistics and beyond to bottom of pyramid solutions. This is a serious opportunity for a completely new class of solutions. And lot of interest from the government to promote the platform and encourage new solutions. This is by and large a distributed solution with potentially large number of users/endpoints involved. Our Responsive Process Management may also have a play in this. I will be moderating the discussion to identify such solution possibilities. At an event with over 500 start-ups, and leaders from few hundred established product companies & SIs, present!

While on Responsive Process Management, one more interesting opening is that at a Business Technology Summit due also next week, have been invited to talk on 'Beyond BPM'. Here again, our vision for beyond BPM is Responsive Process Management, Where business process management in an organization is extended to the processes that are not yet automated thru SOA Orchestration or BPM. Without any re-engineering, to extend the visibility and control that BPM enables to other non automated processes in the enterprise. My talk will discuss extending BPM models to Responsive Process Management as a emerging solution space, and what it can mean for businesses. How the RPM as a solution approach helps with the sense and respond decision control based on modeling and tracking business flows without changing/modifying the code of any of the existing applications that participate in the business flows.

Looking forward to the Nasscom Product Conclave, the discussion on UID and later the RPM talk at the Business Technology Summit at Bengaluru next week.

Ramesh Loganathan

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