Businesses pursuing diverse data value

Businesses pursuing diverse data value

Posted on February 06, 2014 0 Comments

Where is your data? Where does it need to be?

Where is your data? Where does it need to be?

Information has become a form of currency for businesses of all types. These companies need to understand their clients and their industries. Turning data from stationary content taking up storage space into vital fuel for Web apps and business intelligence is a critical process, one that leaders can't afford to overlook. Assuming that you don't have the right data to launch these sorts of plans is also a mistake; however, supposing that they will work automatically is also a flawed idea.

The process of data integration TechTarget contributor David Loshin recently highlighted one very important fact about data use today and the specialized technologies that companies are deploying to harness information: They will need to make all of these elements work together. This also involves combining applications and architectures from different eras, because as Loshin stated, there is still value to be found in existing data warehouses.

The lineup of potential data sources may be very cluttered in the immediate future. Loshin predicted a transitional era wherein new types of architecture will be added one at a time, each one allowing a slightly new kind of information storage to take place, enriching the applications and analytics processes favored by the business at large. He encouraged embracing this status quo and going ahead with data integration.

Of course, there are challenges to staying effective and efficient in such a transitional time. Loshin recommended training employees in the use of new storage methods rather than seeking out hopefuls on the job market. Big data knowledge is in high demand and these workers may be largely unavailable for interested businesses.

An answer in the cloud Users of the Progress® Pacific™ Platform-as-a-Service offering have access to a tool that could help answer the tricky questions surrounding data availability. This is Progress® DataDirect Cloud™, a simple SQL interface designed to get information into use in custom applications and commercial business intelligence products alike.

Some of the key problems with getting information to suit your objectives are addressed with this service, as it means employees don't have to work with different APIs for each application involved. The data can come through in real time, from a host of different vital locations. This includes the big data that is likely already pouring in, as well as some of the highly used tools that make up the everyday computing environment.

Gathering information together and then making it serve a specific purpose is a vital step for organizations of all sizes and descriptions. Making it simple could help you excel.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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