Bulk Load, Application Failover, Big Data movement, and more - No Application Code Changes Required with Connect for JDBC!

Bulk Load, Application Failover, Big Data movement, and more - No Application Code Changes Required with Connect for JDBC!

Posted on March 21, 2012 0 Comments

With the release of the newest set of Type 5 JDBC drivers, not only do you eliminate the need for database client libraries, but Progress DataDirect Connect for JDBC 5.0 also enhances java applications by offering users additional features without having to add application code.

Do you need application failover but have no access to the application code set?  No problem!  Just set a few connection options in the Connect for JDBC driver to add an application failover feature.

Do you have a need to quickly and efficiently bulk load data from one data source to another?  Again, no need to change the application code - just take 30 seconds to change the value of a connection option in the driver.  Our bulk enhancement ensures you can bulk from any file delimiter - and you won't have to learn a new proprietary tool to get the job done.  Perfect solution for dealing with Big Data!

Do you need robust application performance?  OK, so that was a rhetorical question.  No application users ever say "take your time with our critical data, we'll wait".  Users of free drivers have described this pain to us multiple times!  One thing that sets Connect for JDBC apart is the ability to consume far fewer resources in the way of memory and CPU cycles - so in addition to turbo-charging throughput, you can save on your hardware by doing much more, with much less.

How many users have said "don't worry about compromising the security of the data - it's not that sensitive"?  Not likely.   If you need NTLM authentication from UNIX to SQL Server, you've come to the right place!  Just download an evaluation copy of Connect for JDBC!

In addition to the Salesforce.com support we added last year, the new drivers support Database.com and Force.com, we've added several new database versions and operating system version support.  Whether you are supporting Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or MySQL - and many others, enhance your users' experience with Connect for JDBC.


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