BridgePay Counts on Kendo UI for Superior Customer Experiences

BridgePay Counts on Kendo UI for Superior Customer Experiences

Posted on October 19, 2016 0 Comments

BridgePay leveraged Kendo UI and DevCraft to create a customer portal to serve more than 100,000 merchants and partners and slashed development time by 30 - 40%.

Effective digital experiences start with getting the right information to the right person at the right time. Doing it well gives you a competitive advantage. In the developer’s world, a big part of “doing it well” means delivering an easy-to-use, eye-catching user experience—look and feel coupled with functionality and security that meets the needs of end users and the business.

The BridgePay Challenge: Features, Function and Security—Deliver it All

A case in point is BridgePay Network Solutions, a transaction gateway company specializing in providing turnkey payment application solutions. BridgePay products offer solutions for credit card present, mobile commerce and ecommerce environments.

The BridgePay challenge was to replace its credit card processing gateway with one that was aesthetically pleasing and functional, enabling customers and partners to perform any and all tasks required for processing credit card transactions in a single location.

Discovering Kendo UI

During their research, the BridgePay development team took a long look at Kendo UI by Progress, and what stood out immediately was the Kendo UI look and feel. BridgePay Chief Architect Jenna Ramsey said, “When you’re dealing with the presentation logic, the more it can pop and distinguish you from competitors, the better. Kendo UI has drop-in widgets we can configure on-the-fly, based on what the user wants to see. It was the ideal solution for creating the portal we had in mind, within a short timeframe.”

While learning about Kendo UI, the team also explored Telerik DevCraft by Progress. “We liked many of the DevCraft tools, and decided to adopt them to assist with our development efforts,” says Ramsey.

Using Kendo UI and DevCraft to Create a New Customer Portal

Using Kendo UI and several of the DevCraft tools, the BridgePay development team created the MyBridgePay customer portal.

Users can log in and perform any and all tasks associated with processing credit card transactions, including managing batches of transactions, setting up billing and payments, onboarding merchants and so on. Administrators can use the portal to define roles and access rights for users. The site is used in a variety of industries, including lodging, car rental, dining establishments, utilities, retail and government.

More Results, Less Work

MyBridgePay has been live with beta users since the first quarter of 2016, and will be released to BridgePay’s entire customer base later this year. According to BridgePay, Kendo UI helped slash development time by 30-40 percent.

“Progress tools reduced the amount of work involved in developing the new site by a factor of three, and enabled us to deliver a comprehensive portal that is easy to use, visually appealing and flexible to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers,” says Ramsey.

Read the complete BridgePay Success Story and check out Kendo UI by Progress. It has every UI component you’ll ever need—tested, easy to use, and supported and backed by Progress.

Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy is an educator at heart. In his role as Product Marketing Manager for Kendo UI, his objective is to educate new and existing customers about Kendo UI for jQuery and Kendo UI for Angular 2. Prior to joining Progress, Jim founded a company focused on educating developers and building enterprise solutions. Microsoft has named him as a Regional Director (RD) since 2008 and an 11-time Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) for his community contributions. Jim has also been published in a number of leading publications, including CODE Magazine.


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