Bravo, Aberdeen

Bravo, Aberdeen

October 30, 2007 0 Comments

Aberdeen - A Harte-Hanks Company logoI posted here a few months ago about, "Beyond the SOA Tipping Point," and at that time referred to Aberdeen Group as a "research for hire" firm.  Well the power of the blogosphere kicks in -- Aberdeen's CEO picks up the reference in a Google Alert, and suddenly a senior sales executive is leaving me voicemail -- seeking an opportunity to set me straight on where Aberdeen's strategy is today.

So fair is fair, and if I'm going to blast off on a firm in this way, and they respond -- I'm going to write again.

The Aberdeen team more than earned the right to speak with the Enterprise Infrastructure team -- and they offered to come in and get an update from us, if we would fairly hear them out on where Aberdeen is positioned since the Harte-Hanks acquisition.

They did a great job demonstrating the power of the Harte-Hanks assets, and the role that will play in their ability to conduct research.  They presented some of the results from their research in our product areas.

I'm not sure what role Aberdeen will play in our research SOA strategy next year, but certainly they have moved well beyond the position they were (rightly?) accused of occupying for many years back when Forrester and Gartner were scooping up both vendor and customer market share.  We will certainly take them very seriously.

View a listing of Aberdeen Research Channels >

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