Blogger Connection!

Blogger Connection!

Posted on September 21, 2009 0 Comments

Vijay Kumar’s interesting post examines tactical vs. strategic implementation options for HIPAA 5010 compliance. Vijay says, “In the case of HIPAA 5010, developing just the ability to send and receive 5010 transactions will achieve basic compliance and is arguably the cheapest option. I wouldn’t be too hasty to call the organizations that plan for basic compliance as short-sighted, but at the same time I’d recommend that organizations at the very least perform an assessment before heading that path.” Visit the Infosys Healthcare blog for the pros and cons of both options. Additionally, if you are looking for details about processing HIPAA healthcare transactions, please checkout the DataDirect HIPAA/ICD Upgrade Toolkit 2009.

Timothy Sipples has pulled together three videos from IBM’s “Myth vs Truth” marketing initiative for System z. Visit The Mainframe Blog to see several humorous videos and read why IBM wants to clear up misconceptions about System z.

On Tech Sanity Check blog, Jason Hinner notes a recent TechRepublic poll that found “74% of TechRepublic respondents said that they regularly work from three or more computers in a typical week,” and that only 6% only use just one computer. Despite the potential benefits of the cloud for the IT professional, Jason says they are often skeptical about the cloud because of possible security and privacy issues. Visit Jason’s blog for additional findings from the TechRepublic poll and thoughts on the potential benefits of the cloud for IT professionals.

Jeremy Miller offers some color on how developers approach their work. He says, “Some developers can jump right into any technology and find out how best to use it and new ways to twist it and apply it without really questioning the ‘goodness’ of that technology. Others look at a technology with preconceived notions of how it should work and are quick to drop a technology when it doesn’t fit their vision of ‘good.’” Check out for Jeremy’s detailed and interesting thoughts on the matter.

In his “New York - Architecture Titans Meeting” post, Bill Zack provides a heads-up to all IT Architects about the IT Architect Regional Conference: Thought Leader Edition. The October 12-14 conference will feature leading architects as presenters, including Progress DataDirect’s Rob Steward who will be presenting “Achieving Optimal Database Application Performance and Scalability”. Bill says ITARC may be “the biggest IT Architecture conference ever held anywhere.” Check out Bill’s post for discount code worth 10% off admission!


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