Big Data Scoop: AI, Data Science, MongoDB, Google Analytics

Big Data Scoop: AI, Data Science, MongoDB, Google Analytics

November 17, 2016 0 Comments
Big Data Scoop: AI, Data Science, MongoDB, Google Analytics

The Twitter polls are in! Here are the six topics that you care most about. Everything from Artificial Intelligence to Data Science to MongoDB.

Your Top Six Data Connectivity Topics

We love that we have an active community that votes to tell us what they like. For recent "Get to Know Your Customer" days, we have released several Twitter polls to get an understanding of what content you are interested in and want us to create. The Infographic below summarizes the six biggest things we learned about you.

The #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay Infographic

6 Data Connectivity Topics You Care About

A Closer Look at These Topics

Our goal is to give you as many connectivity resources as we can to help you succeed. Here is some content we have already created regarding these topics. Hopefully they are of help to you, and if not, please comment below with any questions you have.

Artificial Intelligence

This is a topic that we discovered you care a lot about. We will definitely start writing and researching this topic to bring something fresh to the blog. On this note, one amazing development in the artificial intelligence space is the creation of AI music.

In an article by Quartz, “The first pop song ever written by artificial intelligence is pretty good, actually,” they describe how researchers at Sony CSL Research laboratory just released the first pop song ever composed by AI entitled “Daddy’s Car.” The basic concept is that the AI analyzes a database of a certain genre and tried to create its own, original version.


Data Science

This topic fascinates us and we have quite a bit of content written about the subject. Below are the blogs in our three part Data Science series.

A Deep Dive Into the World of Data Science

A Deep Dive Into the World of Data Science

A Deep Dive Into Data Applications

A Deep Dive Into Data Enrichment


MongoDB caused a huge disruption in big data technology, but we stayed on top on this technology and developed ODBC and JDBC connectors that are certified by MongoDB Inc. Here are some helpful resources:


MongoDB ODBC Driver—SQL Access to MongoDB NoSQL Data

Killik & Co Seamlessly Integrates MongoDB and SQL Server

Using Salesforce JDBC Driver and MongoDB with StreamSets

MongoDB ODBC Driver for Data Integration with Power BI


You elected ODBC as your favorite standard (although they are all incredibly important). The following are some of the more prominent posts we have on the recent announcement of ODBC 4.0 along with some helpful tutorials.


What Does the ODBC 4.0 Announcement Mean?

Connect Microsoft Power BI to OpenEdge via ODBC Driver

First Public Viewing of ODBC 4.0 Specification

Quick Guide: Build a Custom ODBC Driver in C/C++, Java or C#

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a key pillar of any business' analytics stream. It is free, intuitive and a great way to start understanding your business' web traffic. Take your Google Analytics strategy to the next level. Here are some tutorials for advanced use of Google Analytics data.

Google Analytics

Logi Info to Google Analytics with DataDirect Cloud ODBC

Hybrid Data Connectivity to Google Analytics

Seven Reasons Why Timely Analytics Is So Hard

Hybrid Connectivity

With the relatively new advent of an easy-to-use, low cost cloud, more and more business are leveraging their resources in the cloud and making the move from on-premises connectivity. But, there is still a tremendous need for on-premises connectivity because many companies cannot move 100% of their resources to the cloud. It would pull the rug out from under their organization and cost an excessive amount of money.

What if you could have the best of both worlds and embed a lightweight connector behind your on-premises firewall to have a single, standardized interface for all of your data? You can! Our latest release, Hybrid Data Pipeline, does just that. Learn all about it with these resources:

Webinar: New Data Pipeline Transforms How Clouds Access Data

The API economy comes with complications


Get Your Free Hybrid Data Pipeline Trial


Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne is passionate about promoting the Progress Data Connectivity and Integration business and corporate initiatives through social media and other marketing channels using extraordinary and compelling content and effective metrics. She is also team lead for DCI content developers, new hires and interns.

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